We humans are strange, yet interesting creatures. On the one hand, we strive throughout our lives to create an ideal home, a microcosm, our own base that we can end up and relax at the end of each and every one of all those thousands of laborious days, and on the other hand we constantly live in anticipation of a long journey.

It is this same anticipation of the escape, the certainty of the acquaintance with something unknown, exciting and unprecedented that works as the leading driving force behind each and every step that the traveller begins to take, for thousands of years now. As a Greek, and a professional photographer, I know very well the longing for the creation of a new image, for each unknown landscape that emerges behind the turn of the road or the horizon of the sea…

For centuries now, every time one of us wanderers’ returns home, fascinated by everything miraculous that he has met somewhere out there, shares one thing in common with the rest of mankind. It is the memory of the trip and, even more strongly now, the effort to maintain this memory forever.

In the old days, it used to be the oral tradition, and then the writing. For decades, the modern explorer of every known and unknown corner of the world has the overwhelming advantage of the photographic technology in his hands. This is now the common denominator of those who decide to leave the certainty of their house and be left to wander, for a few or many days, nearby or somewhere very far away.

The very reason of the trip can have so many variations as the number of people travelling around the earth at the moment, or every moment. Longing to explore an ancient civilization, to escape from the routine, love for sports, religious reasons, a happy event or an unhappy one, an old promise to ourselves, just love and myriad others can be accommodated under the “umbrella” of our wilful wandering in a foreign country, in a foreign continent.

All of the above, however, are characterized by an action that is no longer absent from every step we take out there on the road. Yes, we are always taking pictures. Good or bad, with expensive or cheap equipment, all of our shots serve the same purpose. To assist the preservation of the memory of every great thing we saw and experienced.

This is where the Photographic Holidays precisely comes in to offer invaluable help. Clearly one could travel, alone or with friends, and photograph famous archaeological sites of Athens, or climb on the most important castles in the Peloponnese, admire the breath-taking view from Meteora or just relax in a small traditional village somewhere in the Aegean Sea. But, even just for a second, imagine doing all of the above, having beside you, each and every time you need him, a professional photographer (with at least 25 years of experience, publications in every major magazine, numerous awards and honours) to teach you new techniques, in a simple and understandable way, to help you bring out the best of your images, to guide you to take the shot at the right time and in the right place, so you will have no need to be concerned about the lighting or the correct angles.

A friendly professional that you can chat all you want about monuments and history, someone who can act as the ideal interpreter and guide, helping you become a much better photographer and perfectly understand the culture of the area that you visit, away from tourist clichés and boring presentations. And of course all of this ends up to the big challenge. To see you, the fellow and friend traveller, not only become a better photographer or just return home excited from the trip, but to also bring back with you lots of memory cards, full of great and impressive shots that will accompany you forever…

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